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Vše pro experty na extrémy !!!

"Since I have known myself the sufferings of the thirsty desire,
I would like to dig a well,
that others could drink from."

                    Ernest Thompson Seton

    Due to increasing industrialization of high rise and other building constructions, the demand for qualified people, fully capable of working in high altitudes or places accessible only by climbing techniques, is increasing as well. Yet, entering the European Union in May 2004 has brought up new work safety requirements.
    The fact that many of instructors do not (among others) differentiate between sport snap hooks and cable joints is unsubstantial, compared to the sad reality, that after having given a 3-hour “training course”, they let the absolutely unprepared and unqualified “specialists” carry on the high altitude and rescue works.
    The response to such a horrific situation was a foundation of own training institute, set up by Miroslav Šamša (with almost 20-year experience with mining rescue unit) and Ondřej Belica, the representative of the new climber generation. Our aim is to educate and train new high-altitude workers, rescue workers and firemen, a la mode - high altitude specialists. An integral part of our services includes work safety instruction, consulting, audit, as well as necessary equipment sale. At the same time we do not forget about recreational climbers and adrenaline fans...
    The training technique that we use for preparation of industrial and rescue climbers is due to its variability much more suitable than any other. However, we did not get stuck here, as we are continuously trying to improve the industrial climbing technique to become even more efficient, ensuring the best results.
    Although the institute sites are located in Prague and Ostrava, our scope is basically anywhere within the Czech republic.

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Ondřej Belica